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Почему я фотографирую…

Когда-то давно на форуме мне понравилось одно сообщение на тему “почему я фотографирую” и недавно оно опять попалось мне на глаза:

“Now, you can only look back and wonder what those days were like. They are so far in the past that it seems they are a part of some former life time… Since then things have changed. You can’t even remember what you were like then. You can’t remember what you knew and didn’t know. The knowledge you have since gained, necessarily erased the ignorance of yesterday. And the ignorance of today, keeps you from knowing what the things you knew before. Yesterday’s naivety has been replaced with experience, but not necessarily wisdom.

You think back wondering if you even need to know what you know today. Was that what you were searching for? Were you searching for knowledge or experience? Either of these? Or one but not the other? Or neither? It doesn’t matter. You have them, and so you are changed. You try to look back, but you can’t see anything clearly. Scenes are confusingly vague…

Isn’t that all that matters? Finding out who you are? Isn’t everything else just an excuse to go on living because you are afraid to die?…

The most precious moments of the past life are fading, and it is less and less clear what they really meant. It is less clear what they really meant, and because of this it is less clear what your life means.


And it’s why I take my camera and go out to take some pictures…”

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  1. Валентина

    как же чудесно сказанно! Прям до слез пронимает! Спасибо, Викуля!

    Завтра же куплю себе фотик! Уже пару месяцев откладываю, все нет времени, то одно, то другое!


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